Sailing Instructions for The Cork Sand Race

The Cork Sand Race 2020 Supplementary Sailing Instructions


1.1 Haven Points Series Sailing Instructions superseded as follows:

a) Offshore Special Regulations 2018-2019 Category 4 Mono hulls shall apply.

b) A boat that is on the course side at the start and fails to return and start correctly shall not be scored OCS, but shall have one hour added to her corrected time (changes RRS Appendix A4.2).

1.2 In the event of a conflict, these Supplementary Sailing Instructions shall prevail.


An “Afloat Race Officer” may be designated for communication purposes afloat. Details will be repeated on VHF Channel 72 before the start.


The race is Scheduled to start at 0900 BST with a single start for all classes.

The start line in Harwich Harbour will be the line between the Beacon Hill buoy and a staff with an orange flag on the committee boat, approximately 1 cable to the east of the buoy. The line is to be crossed in a southerly direction on a single start.

Course A (33 miles)

Start: Beacon Hill Line. Pennyhole (p), South Cork (s), Wallet no. 4 (p), NE Gunfleet (p), Roughs Towers and all its buoys (p), cork sand yacht beacon (p), Landguard (s), Harwich Shelf (p). Finish Shotley Line.

Course B (23 miles)


Start: Beacon Hill Line. Medusa (p), NE Gunfleet (p), Roughs Towers and all its buoys (p), cork sand yacht beacon (p), Landguard (s), Harwich Shelf (p). Finish Shotley Line.


Course C: As announced by the Race Officer on the Day.


It is the intention of the OOD that either course A or B are sailed unless the conditions are manifestly inappropriate for either.”


Please be aware that:


1) depths shallower than those which are charted have been reported in the immediate vicinity of the Cork Sand Beacon. Competitors should be prepared to give this mark a wider berth depending on the state of tide. Inability to navigate very close to the mark shall not be grounds for redress.


2) series sailing instruction 15 (requirement to keep out of the Harwich Deep Water channel) also applies out at sea between the Cork Sand Yacht Beacon and the Finish.


Yachts shall finish on the Shotley line as defined in the Series sailing instructions, or on the line specified in the course if Course C is set.


It is anticipated that the race office will be manned and so no declaration will be required. As a precaution, yachts should record their own time on finishing.


Any boat retiring MUST report the fact at the earliest possible opportunity to the Afloat Race Officer or to the Haven Series Secretary (telephone: 01394 410495, mobile: 07778 010580)


To be made in writing to the Race Officer within one hour of finishing.


The entry fee does not include berthing, as the finish is local to competitors.