All Sailing Instructions for The Britannia Trophy

The Lowestoft 2021 Sailing Supplementary Instructions


1.1 Haven Points Series Sailing Instructions Section 1 Superseded as follows:

a) Offshore Special Regulations 2018-2019 Category 4 shall apply.

b) A boat that is on the course side at the start and fails to return and start correctly shall not be scored OCS, but shall have one hour added to her corrected time (changes RRS Appendix A4.2).

1.2 In the event of a conflict, these Supplementary Sailing Instructions shall prevail.


An “Afloat Race Officer” will be designated to receive declarations and/or protests, and for co-ordination and communication purposes. Details will be announced via VHF Channel 72 before the start.


The race is Scheduled to start at 09:00 BST with a single start for all classes.

The start line will be the line between the Wadgate Ledge Beacon and a staff with an orange flag on the committee boat, approximately 1 cable to the west of the beacon. The line is to be crossed in a north-easterly direction.

If the race is started in inclement weather or other exceptional circumstance a competing boat may be used as a committee boat and will be given the due time allowance.

The course is as follows –

Start; Special Mark FL(5)Y.20s (S),East Barnard (P); Newcombe Sand (P); South Holm (S); Stanford (P); South West Holm (S); North Newcombe (P) finish. (see Notes below).


a. Special Mark FL(5)Y.20s (52°18.9’N 001°47.0’E) is approx. 4nm East of entrance to Southwold. 

b. Competitors are advised that a dangerous wreck exists in a position approximately 335(T) 1.8 cables from Wadgate Ledge Beacon.


Boats shall finish by leaving the North Newcombe buoy to port and sailing within 2 boat lengths of it. Competitors should take their time when the buoy bears 245 degrees from the boat.

Competitors must note their own finishing time together with the names of the boats finishing ahead and astern of them if in sight. Times shall be corrected to GPS time indicating BST or GMT as applicable.


Declaration forms must be completed and handed to the Afloat Race Officer at the destination within one hour of finishing. Times shall be corrected to GPS time indicating BST or GMT as applicable.


Any boat retiring MUST report the fact at the earliest possible opportunity to the Afloat Race Officer or to the Haven Series Secretary (telephone: 01394 410495, mobile: 07778 010580)


These are to be made in writing to the Afloat Race Officer at the destination within one hour of finishing.


Refer to a current almanac for pilotage information, entry requirements etc. – note that it is MANDATORY to call on VHF Ch.14 before entering or leaving, and that harbour light signals MUST be obeyed. Once in the harbour, contact "Yacht Club Marina" on Ch.80 for berthing instructions, but otherwise continue to monitor Ch.14 for harbour traffic.

Overnight berthing is arranged on the RN&SYC pontoons. The first night’s berthing is included in the entry fee. Prize-giving and supper will take place at the Royal Norfolk & Suffolk Yacht Club. Please book for the supper with the Royal Norfolk & Suffolk YC direct.