Race entry form for Offshore Series


I have transferred my entry fee by BACS to account 00555908, Sort Code 30-92-16, using my boat name as reference.

Owners Declaration:

I agree

  • That I will maintain whenever participating in this series a valid policy of insurance which indemnifies me against third party claims whilst racing and that such cover will be for a minimum of £2,000,000. I will produce full details of my insurance on request of the organiser.

  • That the safety of the yacht and its entire management shall be my sole and inescapable responsibility and that I will do my best to ensure that the yacht is fully found and is thoroughly seaworthy.

  • That my yacht will carry the safety equipment and will comply with safety regulations specified in the Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions. Also that the inclusion of the Safety Rules in the Notice of Race of the in no way limits or reduces the complete and unlimited responsibility of myself or my representative to ensure adequate safety equipment is carried and that my crew are properly briefed on its use.

  • That I shall not hold the organisers (which includes the Yacht or Sailing Clubs represented by the Committee members) or anyone acting on its behalf responsible for any loss damage injury or inconvenience to persons yachts or property howsoever arising directly or indirectly from its actions rules policy or rulings during the races or related activities.

  • That I will indemnify the organisers (including the Yacht and Sailing Clubs represented by the Committee members) and persons acting on its behalf against all costs claims or demands resulting from any act or omission of me, my representative or any member of my crew.

  • That it is the sole and exclusive responsibility of each owner or owner's representative to decide whether or not to start or to continue to race.

  • To be bound by the Racing Rules of Sailing and all other rules that governs this event. In particular I have read the Conditions of Entry in the Notice of Race and confirm that I agree to its provisions and that my boat will conform to its requirements throughout the event.

Thanks for submitting!