All Sailing Instructions for Combined Club Championship

Haven Combined Club Series - Amendments to General Sailing Instructions

Haven Combined Clubs Series – Amendment to Sailing Instructions 04/05/2022

Amendment #1

 Purpose of change:

 The sailing instructions currently specify a single start time of 11.00 for the whole experienced fleet.

 To manage  fleet size and congestion at starts, each boat in the experienced fleet has been assigned to either the “fast” or “slow” division based on their local handicap.

 Boats rated faster than 880 are in the fast division.

Boats rated 880 or slower are in the slow division.

 This change to the sailing instructions allows the race officer to start the two divisions separately if, at their absolute discretion, they deem it necessary.



Sailing instruction 14.3 is amended to read as follows:

 13.3: Order of starts for the points series:


  • The relaxed fleet’s warning signal shall be no earlier than 1040

  • The experienced fleet’s first warning signal shall be no earlier than 1055


The experienced fleet shall be divided into a fast and slow division based on their Haven Handicap.


The race officer may, at their discretion start the two divisions separately. In this event, the “slow” division warning signal shall be no earlier than 10.55 and the fast division warning signal shall be no earlier than 11.00.


The race officer shall announce on VHF CH72 whether the experienced fleet is starting “combined” or as separate divisions no later than 15 minutes before experienced fleet’s warning signal. In the absence of any communications, competitors should assume there will be a single start.

Amendment #2

Shotley SC Line

A line between the mast in front of the starting hut at the centre of the dinghy park to an outer distance mark. The outer distance mark is a bright yellow buoy with a flat top.